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The Matterhorn lies in the heart of the Swiss Alps. It is considered a symbol of Swiss tourism and is often used on souvenir and food packaging, but also often appears in artistic works. YanYan has painted a series of pictures in which the Matterhorn is a central element, combined with feminine elements. Sometimes the Matterhorn can be seen on a woman's back, sometimes in her body or in a flower. With this series, YanYan has playfully incorporated eroticism into her pictures for the first time. Many people think that women act sexy to please men. YanYan believes that a woman is allowed to show her beauty and have her own sexual needs. Men who value women also respect their needs. A woman is like a flower, her face has the shape of a flower, the colors of a flower, its sensuality and fragrance. YanYan likes this subtle combination of light and dark, of scents and looks, hints and associations.

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