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YanYan is a very versatile painter, so her works have a wide variety of styles. A particular strength of hers is depicting people and flowers, but she also likes cartoon-like depictions. What is particularly striking about the paintings is their lifelike expression. It is often moments of joy or insight in everyday life that inspire YanYan to create her works. Her pictures are aesthetically pleasing and of great clarity, often with a dose of humor and eroticism, and they deliberately avoid complexity.

All about me

The Chinese artist YanYan, who lives in Switzerland, has been passionate about painting since she was a child. She successfully completed her bachelor's degree in oil painting at the Institute of Fine Arts at the Yunnan Arts University. In China, YanYan worked as a fine arts teacher and interior decorator. Since moving to Switzerland, she has published the majority of her works in the form of series. The artist has already successfully held exhibitions in China, Thailand, Italy, Switzerland and other countries. Her latest series of pictures, such as “Made in Switzerland” or “YanYans Matterhorn,” immediately attracted a lot of interest when they were released and earned YanYan a lot of praise from critics. These series are particularly able to express the artist's admiration for Switzerland and China - two very different countries.

World Madam Switzerland

I am happy and proud that I won second place in the “World Madam Switzerland 2020” competition just before Christmas! This event will be held in 31 countries and 66 locations. Switzerland took part for the first time this year. Because of Corona, the event had to be postponed and rescheduled several times. “The Great Madam for the World, the Great World for the Madam.” Hopefully next year it will be possible for more participants to take part.

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